Ideas For Bathroom Fittings

Bathrooms are those spaces in which we re-energize after a hot shower and refreshing after a refreshing swim or a bath, aroma of scented candles in waves or a relaxing tunes. Do not ignore them so potential and give them everything worth in terms of decor better so there you regain peace after a busy day. We come to help you with more ideas for bathroom fittings, from classic to modern, to appeal to all tastes.

We begin with a bathroom in a loft in a classic décor of stainless steel tub that breaks its traditional lines with metallic reflections. Senitate soaks the whole image and a deep silence, supplemented by vivid picture of nature that opens the window located right next fall. Same decor of yesteryear, this time with more charges chromatic concentrated in an intimate corner. Wicker basket of flowers and bring a piece of nature in this landscape and fill the vital state of reflection.

A seemingly sober and rigorous design in the next screen that hangs from the ceiling light betrays the idea of ​​simplicity, also capturing attention from the concrete wall that opens into the background. Wood and wine plant to alleviate cold message transmitted image. A bath that combines art deco style with the industrial, in an image in which the two planes chromatic black and white supremacy dispute the visual. The floor tiles in patterns image adds vitality.

I admire this time, a bathroom with contemporary features, as full of character. Window above that give red light pours in a bedroom, bathroom expanding space. Marble is at home in a bathroom, offering exquisite elegance of this space, despite a simple design. Discreet accessory wool is inserted to stimulate a bit shabby decor.

A bath that combines oriental flavor of India tiled patterns Iberian, Moorish-inspired. The space is divided into practical, experience transforming the bathroom into a small foray in a culturally diverse, colorful. Below you can find other images that inspire you in decorating bathrooms, pointing out different decors in various shapes and colors, tasteful and beauty.

Jaquar Bathroom Fittings
Jaquar Bathroom Fittings

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