Ideas For Decorating Small Bedroom

How to decorating small bedroom? The answer is relative, this term ranging from one case to another, from one house to another and from the claims and the perception of each individual. By averaging, interior designers and specialists consider that a decorating small bedrooms is the one who falls into an area exceeding 12 square meters.

Decorating Small Bedroom Ideas

If you are among those who live in an apartment (and not talking here about new buildings), most likely not your bedroom is very spacious, with an area between 9 and 12 square meters, which you can put thwart during the planning process and decorating the rooms. Especially if you want to get a nice and comfortable bedroom. This is the topic we are discussing today.

One of the questions we receive often the editorial staff is related to the choice of color for the walls of the bedroom. And of course, the small rooms are raising the issue most often. Specialists in interior decoration should avoid dark shades in small rooms, suggesting, instead, choosing a color palette open. Light shades have the ability to increase the brightness inside these rooms, making them appear larger and more spacious. Among the suggestions designers will remember shades cream, beige, and pleasant tones of yellow, salmon, pink, lime, shades and even nisipii discrete shades of gray.

But there is (do not want to overlook this example) and designers who love dark color palettes and use them in compositions that have a dramatic look, modern. Why not reluctant to apply any decorating and arranging small bedrooms. However, unlike open and bright shades, the dark (navy, chocolate, burgundy, dark purple or even black) can not be used widely. This is why experts recommend us to depict a dark one wall of the bedroom and the other three clothe in a light shade to absorb and reflect natural light.

Another trick decorative, useful in planning a decorating small bedroom is the use of horizontal streaks in finishing one of the walls. Horizontal stripes create the illusion of enlarging the space, inducing the sensation that the room decor is higher were used. To not lose too much time tracing and painting stripes with washable paint, apply one of the bedroom walls with a decorative wallpaper printed in horizontal stripes. The result will be seen immediately.

Another important element in building a small bedroom is furniture. Of course it is important in setting the bedrooms large and spacious, but when we are dealing with a small space, things are more complicated and involves more attention to the choice and correct distribution of furniture essential: bed and closet clothes / dressing.

Many people dream of beds large as flat, buying them without taking into account the space they occupy. For decorating small bedroom are ideal bedding width of 1.4 – 1.6 meters. Besides the fact that they take up less space, they lead to lingerie sets fit most commercially available for double beds. Bed linen sets for 2 meters wide are more expensive and harder to find.

If you want to turn your bedroom into a space small beautiful and comfortable furniture give up the idea of ​​type composed of cabinet, bed, two bedside tables, a sideboard, a dressing table and a stool or chair. Stick to the most important of them : ergonomically designed bed and a dressing that provided with adequate space for storing and organizing clothes and other objects.

Try to choose a dressing room in a shade as close to the wall. This little trick will create an optical illusion, making him pass almost unnoticed in the small bedroom decor, even if it occupies an entire wall.

To kill two birds with one stone, buy a bed equipped with storage box. You can use hidden storage space under the bed mattress to preserve, blankets and pillows used less. Replace bedside tables with two shelves mounted on the wall just above the headboard slats. This way you save space on the floor and the bedroom will seem bigger and more relaxed. If you have other ideas useful in planning a decorating small bedroom.

Decorating A Small Bedroom
Decorating A Small Bedroom

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