Ikea Kitchen Furniture: Good And Bad Experiences

A beautiful, functional, new kitchen is a wonderful thing. Unlike the renovation process itself. Even the calmest man is a little stressed about the decisions that it must be taken. The selection of kitchen fronts, fixtures, appliances and lighting are only a few of them. The Ikea kitchen furniture are among the favorites of many due to their low prices and long warranties. We have a few experiences of people who have an IKEA kitchen, put together for you, that might help you decide.

My friend worked as a kitchen designer for a carpentry and in the kitchen renovation we bought IKEA kitchen furniture. The boxes looked the same as those of the expensive designer kitchens, with whom he was working from. And they used the same drawer systems and hinges! We have a total of 14 kitchen cabinets. I put them together for one day, while my husband degraded the old cabinets. The next day we were able to install it. A new kitchen in just one weekend!

The IKEA kitchen cabinets have been installed 3 years ago and they still look wonderful. The integrated soft-close function works perfect fully. We used wood veneer in dark wood for the base cabinets and white lacquered MDF panels for wall cabinets. I have an IKEA kitchen cabinet frame with fact and Adel fronts. I really could not be happier! It looks good and has so far held up well (for 6 months). All Cabinets and drawers have soft closing function, so that there is no popping. For this price, the quality is indisputable.

We had kitchen furniture for 12 years NEXUS IKEA and they have the time survived. Only a hinge went and that was only because my kids always swung open that door. But we were able to repair it yourself. And the skirting board looked a little dirty. We found very good craftsmen who assemblies the kitchen for us.

Ikea cabinets are surprisingly well built. My husband and I renovated the kitchen of my parents 5 years ago and it is still in great condition. We made the installation yourself, and it went smoothly. All you have to do is to level the long rail and the cabinets glide himself into! We received around 300 boxes, so it was pretty frightening picture. However, when we started assembling the cabinets, it went surprisingly quickly. I recommend it for the quality and easy installation.

When we were planning our kitchen 5 years ago, I finally decided to go for the more expensive kitchen cabinets that had a color and a style that was not available at IKEA. To compensate for the cost, I have the budget for kitchen appliances reduced (in fact, I kept the refrigerator) and white Corian used instead of my first choice marble.

While I love my kitchen still today, I regretted my decision and I think it would have been wiser to invest less in wardrobes and more in appliances and countertops. My expensive cabinets have wear damage that I doubt much worse at IKEA would cabinets.

While I was not lucky enough to own a house, I know 2 families who have acquired IKEA kitchen furniture. Both have said that the cabinets are fine, but the installation was terrible. Since IKEA has agreements with local companies for furniture assembly, I would first find out whether your company is reliable. If not, I would a trustworthy craftsmen rent. It makes everything more expensive, but it will be worth it in the end.

I think that the quality and durability of the IKEA kitchen furniture really depend largely on the craftsman. I’ve definitely seen a lot of kitchens which can be seen immediately, because there were gaps and odd angles. Just make sure that a qualified and with good attention to detail artisans your IKEA kitchen builds.

We bought a house where there had already been mounted a new Ikea kitchen. Honestly, at first I thought that only the color was not our thing, but now I would never recommend for other reasons. I find that the cabinets are simply too small and not deep enough. There is not enough room for our plates! They just look cheap. As if I can smell the MDF boards under the wood veneer. For their other benefits, the hinges are very durable and close the drawers softly.

Kitchen Furniture Ikea
Kitchen Furniture Ikea

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