Interior Design for Blue Yellow Red Bedrooms

The blue yellow red bedrooms can be fun bedroom ideas. People love to relax in the sleeping area since they can lay down the body comfortably. Those colors can make a great combination if you know on how to adorn the sleeping area.

Blue Yellow Red Bedrooms

You just have to paint the wall in blue color since it is considered as the relaxing shade that can make you calm, serene and fresh. The soothing color resembles the appearance of blue sky and ocean. If you just want simple look, you just have to paint the wall with blue color.

If you want artistic style in the blue yellow red bedrooms, you can make a good mural on the wall depicting the ocean or even sky. The yellow color can resemble the sunlight during the day. A splash of yellow color can be applied on the selection of bedding set.

You can have the bedding in yellow daisy pattern. The curtain should carry contrasting look with the wall. You can pick the flattering yellow curtain on the window. The curtain can be made in silver touch to deliver the modern feel. If you pick the hard ware made in silver pleated accent, all pulls and knobs on the furniture pieces like dresser, cabinet and drawer must be in such color too.

The red accent on the bedroom should be in minimal portion. Red is considered as an overpowering color. You should play such color on the small accessories like the lampshade, clock and figurines. The area rug will be nice if it is available in red and blue striped color. If you love with a nice sofa, pick the one in red color. The beautiful blue yellow red bedrooms will be dramatic with several red throw pillows.

Blue Yellow Red Bedrooms Ideas
Blue Yellow Red Bedrooms Ideas

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