Kitchen Breakfast Bar Design For Small Kitchen

Kitchen Breakfast Bar Design For Small Kitchen – Many things happen in the kitchen ! Many talks, laughs or pecking at 3 in the morning. “Make life” in the kitchen is one of the most common in everyone who desires arises house brand, which inevitably involves allocating space to eat it.

The problem is that with the shrinking space floors and urban apartments is becoming more common to find small kitchens where one hardly enters office fledged with its ample round or rectangular table and space for at least 4 chairs.

However, no matter how small the space for the kitchen , you can always designed so that we can reserve an area for kitchen breakfast bar, lunch or light dinner: for that invented the breakfast bar. It owes its name to the influence of US housing, where it is usual to find the open kitchen (regardless of size) and the rod element acts as visual room dividers . A kitchen breakfast bar usually shallow (about 45cm) and a higher than normal table (75cm), it usually has continuity with the cooking hob (90cm). So often accompanied by high currents stools instead of chairs.

How to place a kitchen breakfast bar? For a few meters we have, there are many ways of incorporating. Here are some tips:

Dispose of kitchen furniture under the window usually has the disadvantage of awkward access and cleaning it, especially if we tend clothes through it. Therefore, placing the bar under it is ideal not only because eating in front of the light is more pleasant than facing a wall, but because having less background we will be more comfortable management window and also avoid the uncomfortable corners Kitchen furniture. If you also have to place a radiator, low bar will be the perfect place.

If you have no possibility of placing the bar under the window, trying at least to place it in front of her so that commas with views to the outside. You can take advantage to place kitchen cabinets on one side and stools on the other.

In small apartments you are almost bound to unite the kitchen to the living room to expand the visual space and avoid crippling partitions. The bar in these cases is often part of the counter. Placing stools in the living area rather than in the kitchen, playing a transitional role between the kitchen and the living room. In this very small flats can act counter bar room itself avoiding placing an added table that would take away space to the living area. In these cases fully open, it is recommended that the ground is the same in both kitchen and living area to enhance the union between the two areas.

The open kitchen to living spaces ideal for expanding, but some are uncomfortable with complete openness. If you are among them and want to keep your kitchen but well delimited areas , try to create a frame around it (either with plasterboard or the furniture itself) and place the bar between them to close the donut.

Breakfast Bar Kitchen Island
Breakfast Bar Kitchen Island

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