Kitchen Dining Room Design Ideas

The spaces in which kitchen dining room design, dining and lounge form a balanced set are booming certainly is a solution that is increasingly successful. But how to get that balance? Color ranges, decorative styles, textiles, floors and walls. There are many resources to achieve a decoration harmonica, even with a mix of styles. In this case, Claudio Salvarani, designer Aurosol , was inspired by the traditional kitchens to design a space with wooden furniture treated European oak brush and a granite countertop. From this kitchen dining room design, which combines modernity and tradition.

European Kitchen Dining Room Design

The kitchen, the firm Murelli combines European oak cabinets treated brush with surprisingly smart appliances, signature glare. It was distributed in the form of L and a peninsula that marks the joy kitchen itself from the rest of the space and welcomes cabinets stained oak slate. From this environment, decorators Marga Lantero and Lola Beneyto created a space elegant, sober and eclectic , with furniture from different periods and styles and different fabrics like linen, velvet jacket, and classic and modern art.

The warmth of wood furniture kitchen dining room design adds the warmth of the classic furniture. The decorator show us how it is possible to integrate these classic pieces or inherited with other more modern. For the dining table glass and steel was chosen, Claudio also Salvarani design, in which four wooden chairs upholstered in a soft yellow and original and striking chandelier with oriental-themed prints. Ceiling moldings make the three environments.

Console painted wood and an armchair with a classic upholstery mark the passage of the dining area to the living room. The traditional look of these two pieces contrast with contemporary sculptures and wall works.

The room was decorated with two facing sofas (one linen and a velvet), a coffee table and other auxiliary glass. On the wall, a mirror to give the illusion of spaciousness. plain and patterned fabrics, neutral colors with yellow brushstrokes, pink and black were mixed for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Kitchen Dining Room Furniture
Kitchen Dining Room Furniture

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