Library Bookcase

If you love books, you can create a personal have library bookcase in your own home. Surrounded by volumes of book that you loves is a bliss. Making a home library, one must wonder how many books they need to collect before they can think of building it.

Simple Library Bookcase

Worry not mate, you don’t even need a mountain of books to make one. You can make one with a little collection of you own a couple of library bookcase. They may feel empty at the beginning but they will grow as you find a new book that you love.

To begin with, choose a wall for your library bookcase. If you want to make a big library, you might need more than a side of the wall. Please choose a place where the book is not located with direct sunlight, heat and cold. Extreme temperature might hurt your book condition. Make the bookcase as high as your ceiling to maximize your storage space.

Line up your library bookcase. If they have the same height just line them up like that. If they have a different height, line them up starting from the short one the tall one. Put a library ladder so it’s easier to reach high place. You can also paint the bookcase to make it stand out. If you put the bookcase inside a personal library, it’s important the color match the theme of the room.

Next is to line up your book inside your library bookcase. For this part, I will leave the decision to you. You can order them by author, title or year they were published. My recommendation is to order them based on their theme. Put the one you often read on the middle stack, the heavy book on the bottom stack, the rest and the one you seldom read at the top stack

Library Bookcase Wall Unit
Library Bookcase Wall Unit

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