Living Room Design Trends for 2016

Living room design trends for 2016 – This particular year, 2016, will be already setting itself up to be a year of Great along with also awkward trends. Much like what will be “in” inside fashion world, 1/2 of in which’s hideous, 1/2 of in which’s beautiful, along with also 1/2 of in which only some people can pull off. Here’s what will be trending currently inside design world, along with also how I feel about in which.

Chunky Low Furniture – A modern 1970’s interpretation. Here’s what happened: The 1950’s along with also 60’s were full of straight, streamlined along with also less loung-ey furniture, so the 70’s along with also 80’s had something to say about in which, therefore entered inside boxy, round-y, low-ass sofas. The cycle repeated itself inside 0’s, 00’s, along with also currently we are back to in which. in which’s not to say in which mid-century will be out, in which never will be, although these chunky big sofas are in, too. along with also we’re into in which. They are just begging for someone to sink in along with also crawl into a netflix-hole.

If a low boxy sofa on the ground isn’t actually your vibe, along with also you’re needing a bit more height, then opt for something similar to the sofa inside below picture, which has some legs along with also adds a bit of height to the piece.

Longevity: As long as the piece will be simple, in a Great high-quality fabric, along with also will be actually comfortable we can see This particular one sticking around for a long time. While there are some Great rounded arm versions out there, if you are daring to take the risk I’d go for a boxier arm.

I will say in which these sofa play best in living room design trends. I could see how one of these in a smaller apartment, in which feels cramped, could look dumb along with also generic. They also need to be elevated with beautiful things around in which to make sure in which they don’t look dumpy. So go for in which, although be careful.

Slipcovered Furniture (yes, a few elements of shabby chic are on the return): Can you see the over-arching trend going on? Casual along with also comfort are in. Slipcovers have come a long way since the 0’s, along with also we are very into the more modern adaptation of them.

A few tips for doing slipcovers work: Keep the fabric in a washed linen or canvas, along with also try to steer clear of slipcovering a piece in which has too many curves, as even a beautiful linen can’t overcome the original bones of a bad piece. Keep in which modern, opting for boxed arms over curved arms.

Clustered Coffee Tables: For those of you using a bit more eclectic heart, the clustered coffee table trend might be right up your ally. We are both for, along with also against This particular. in which works in a tiny space, when a large coffee table in which takes up a lot of real estate may not be the best option, although, these clustered coffee tables when not curated well can very quickly start to look like a garage sale in your home.

Our rule will be keep in which simple, vary the heights, along with also they should have something in common (see the cluster inside modular trend photo above). I hope you enjoy reading this article about living room design trends in 2016, see you in the next article fellas.

2016 Trends Living Room Living Design With Dramatic Colors
2016 Trends Living Room Living Design With Dramatic Colors

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