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Living Room Feng Shui – If you’re at all like me, you simply know once the atmosphere in your house feels “heavy”. I’ve frequently moved furniture, smudged my house, opened up home windows on freezing days, lit candle lights and so forth and so forth. I’ve an aunt that cautions: “Never leave dirty clothes inside a pile. Bad spirits hide inside them. Unclutter your closet, never keep anything damaged in the home, should you drop a knife board it to avoid quarrels.”

She doesn’t practice when i do what she states is sensible in my experience. Hey, I’m a Witch. Who shall we be held to question any lore? The awful the fact is the house does feel good when there’s no clutter, once the laundry is completed and set away and eating items aren’t all around the floor. Dishes, this is definitely another matter. I’m somebody who has a really bad temper that’s controlled by my belief and acceptance more often than not but may, just SOMETIMES, something or someone will get me completely righteously angry. This is extremely bad Feng Shui because that anger and rage will linger and you know what? I must clean home of not just my very own negativity however the dishes I save only for tossing to the floor after i genuinely have a hissy fit. Goddess bless my hubby. They know as he walks in and finds damaged dishes on the ground to simply change, walk away from home and spend time with horses.

Exactly what does this whole rambling have related to Feng Shui, you may ask? Feng Shui is the skill of creating calm in your home, security, finances, health, love and happiness. It’s very simple. Don’t live and eat a graveyard (gee I figured that would be amazing, in the end the neighbors could be quiet). Shield your house in the corners of other houses by hanging curtains in your home windows, don’t sleep before a window however a mirror facing you when you sleep will deflect negative powers. Never keep clutter in the garage. Well i guess. There goes my extra storage. I’ve my bases covered with regards to rounding out corners with baskets of gemstones, curtains, heavy furniture within the right places, deflecting mirrors and so forth. I have my brass bowls full of grain for success!

Now the house is much like anybody else. You will find occasions my dust rabbits are larger than Cupcake and that he is really a 15-pound cat. Obviously, it makes no difference he, my four other cats, and 4 dogs create these imps that just appear when company arrives. Because we survive a farm we’re out and in and country dust forms much faster than city smoke. Had the experience, done this too.

However, my Feng Shui isn’t complete basically allow the house take proper care of itself. I’ve discovered houses have because a strong dislike to cleaning when i achieve this, eventually I must circumvent to doing the work. Now I really purged out THAT DRAWER in the kitchen area! I understood whatever I could not find was at there somewhere but each time I opened up that drawer, the confusion would struck me just like a stone. So, I washed out that drawer.

My spirit room was way too cluttered and that i was led to spread out up too and concentrate on 3 disciplines for now. That room ended also (Gee, I had been busy now!). However the light, airy sense of the Feng Shui for the reason that room feels great now.

One morning I dusted, did the flooring, and made the decision to atone for laundry. I made the decision to obtain around towards the bed room later because in the end, Feng Shui-wise, it the most crucial room in the home. It should be stored obvious to be able to gain the advantage of sleep.

I Then washed the rug within the family room. I scrubbed the bathroom . and also the bathroom and mirror. I additionally did the laundry. I Then designed a Goddess altar on my small porch, place the clothes within the dryer and left to obtain hay with my hubby to give our horses (who care less about your own schedules) after which washed in the stalls. I drawn the dry laundry and stacked it on the top from the rising pile of fresh clothes that appeared to breed by themselves! Well, “almost”. The reality was, I ended being very picky concerning the pile of fresh laundry which was locating a home within the bed room around the dresser. Clean laundry wouldn’t attract bad spirits, are they going to? I put another load of garments within the washer.

I Then got hungry making dinner. And the other load within the dryer later, Used to do the bathroom, required the dogs and just what are you aware, another load of laundry was dried and so i stacked it within the bed room around the dresser. Hmmmmm. That pile was getting taller than me. And So I redid the pile. I folded everything and moved it to another side from the dresser. I desired that mirror around the dresser to manage us once we rested. The thing is, by necessity our bed can also be before a window and I needed to make certain the living room feng shui way was enforced.

Used to do more laundry, labored on my small articles, dried clothes, labored on my small articles after which folded increasingly more laundry. I’d coffee, started writing my 4th book and started folding my final load. I introduced the recently folded laundry in to the bed room. I placed it on the top from the tower of garments around the far side from the dresser- the mirror, remember?

Following a lengthy day by which the house was finally “Feng Shui’ed” I recognized I finished a junk drawer to some junk room which a minimum of had nothing in the garage! Hey, I am a witch. Not perfect!

Living Feng Shui (3)
Living Feng Shui (3)

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