Magazine Racks Ikea for Awesome Interior Decorations

Let’s make creative magazine racks Ikea in your leisure time! This magazine rack design is creative enough. You only need some materials that can be found in your house. The last result of this project will make you proud of yourself. Not only can has a full function as a magazines container, but this project is also awesome for your decorations. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find more references by reading this whole article.

Do you have many plastic bottles in your home? Well, we can turn these usual bottles into pretty home decorations. The first step you need in making DIY magazine rack is collecting the material. Collect the plastic bottles in your house. Second, you can cut the half of the bottle body. You can use the body of the bottles become your magazine racks Ikea. After that you are able to arrange those bottles vertically on the wall. Voila! Here is your first master piece!

The other unique idea that can be tried at home is skateboard magazine. If you have abandoned skateboards in your house you can use them. The look of this rack is definitely unique for your house interior. First step, collect your old skateboards and clean them up. At least you will need three skateboards. Next, arrange them horizontally and you can use metal pipe to connect them. You can use the transparent fishing wire to connect them and hang them on the ceiling. What a brilliant DIY project!

If you do not want getting busy with this DIY project but want to add beauty magazine rack in your house, you can try this last project. Actually the last project is only place the old ladder in your home. This classic ladder can be the unique magazine shelf and also an interesting accessory for your interior room. Place it anywhere you want and look how trendy your house interior now. Let’s be creative by making DIY magazine racks Ikea plans in your leisure time!

Room Interior Decoration Including Magazines Storage Painted With Blue HeMotives Also Flower Vase
Room Interior Decoration Including Magazines Storage Painted With Blue HeMotives Also Flower Vase

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