Modern Bathroom Tile Designs

Ceramic tiles are one of the most used materials in the bathroom. They are easy to clean, waterproof and available in numerous colors and sizes. In this article you’ll learn how to spot the perfect bathroom tile designs, which is the average price per square meter and what to look for in the store.

In order easily to check the quality of tiles, there are various standards created. So you can check a few numbers or you pay tiles for use in the bathroom.

In a humid room such as the bathroom make best use of tiles with high slip resistance. This is determined by the surface roughness, dirt and wear resistance. The size of the bathroom tile designs and grout can have an influence on the risk of slipping. The slip resistance of footwear is indicated by the letter R followed by a number between 9 and 13. The higher the R-value, the less chance of slippage. Ceramic tiles which are indicated with B or C is more than enough to use as a bathroom floor.

Although tile manufacturers use the latest technology are small differences never excluded. For example, colors and dimensions of the tiles vary slightly. As these differences are tiles divided into batches of first choice and second choice. First choice tiles have a minimum deviation range of sizes and colors. The quality of the second choice is highly dependent on the manufacturer or the type. So you can find little to a lot of trouble in placing the tiles. Occasionally tiles are also aangeduud third choice or commercial choice.

Ask at the store specifically to bathroom tile designs with slip resistance B or C. Do you want to be sure that your tiles will fit in nicely, choose first choice tiles. Second choice tiles are often cheaper but may have abnormalities laying difficult.

Tiles are available in numerous shapes and sizes. The choice depends on your personal preference and will largely determine the outcome of your bathroom. Depending on whether you choose large or small bathroom tile designs you will need to take into account a number of points.

Nowadays, one often makes use of combinations of small and large tiles in the same material. This creates more atmosphere and makes it easier to tile the bathroom. In the above shower of small mosaic tiles they have chosen because the corner has been completed.

Tile Designs For Bathroom
Tile Designs For Bathroom

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