Modern Bedroom Dressers Decorating Ideas

Modern bedroom dressers decor – The toilet is a common space in the bedroom, which brings elegance, classicism and femininity to these rooms. We rescued in this charming corner to help you get the most out of your dresser.

For each woman, her own vanity. Minimalist, romantic, rustic, modern, functional. We help you to decorate this corner of the bedroom, which has many more possibilities than you can imagine. Not only for before setting foot on the street, but also as a workplace.

In here we explain how to decorate the modern bedroom dressers. A corner for toilet actually not occupy much space. A cabinet with mirror and chair are two basic parts to create a vanity area. Two furniture with many different decorative possibilities.

Traditional classic dresser usually lifelong, light wood, with built-in mirror, and a medallion chair also with romantic accent. If your bedroom is classic and decorative want to follow this line, our advice is to pick a vanity cabinet in harmony with the rest of the environment.

In the romantic triumph vanity light colors, natural materials such as wood, cotton and linen, and designs on vintage key. But in addition to this unit, another absolutely essential detail is the mirror. And of course, light. Ideally, place multiple points of light on either side of the mirror to gain breadth in this environment. But also to see us perfectly when we make up and retouch in the mirror.

And at this point, another obvious question is the type of light that we must take. First of all, we should clarify that the light is measured in degrees, which determine the intensity and color of light. This is important, since the color temperature of a light bulb for toilet is of 3.4000 k. If you look at any specialized trade decoration and lighting, you’ll find this kind of lights without problem.

And where to put these points of light? The key is found in the dressing rooms of movie stars and models, with the points of light on either side of the mirror. If it works for them, to us too!

Another good use toilet bedroom is as a desk or study area. In this case, a good idea may be to replace a traditional dresser for old-style desk or bureau. We can give you a double function either as an area of study or work, and as our little corner of beauty, if we have a hand mirror or desktop.

Another great idea may be to use a console like that are usually located in the foyer or hallway. Dare to put a console as key minimalist vanity and mirror some accompanying this unit. And if you have space problems, a solution may be replaced by a bank chair or stool that can hide under the desk, console or vanity. In this way, you gain in space without compromising on style.

And now, what we need more beauty in our toilet? The complements! A vase of flowers, a nice vanity well organized, maybe a picture frame, our favorite fragrance puts the finishing touch of style to your dresser customizing this space with accessories you prefer. But yes, make sure your desk is always well organized, since 50% good decor is clean and order. I hope you enjoy tips about ideas to decor modern bedroom dressers.


Modern Bedroom Dresser
Modern Bedroom Dresser

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