Modern Dining Room Interior Design

Dining Room Interior Design – The dining room is a separate room for the midday meal begins to get a sense of history about it. Today is the dining table happily placed in a kind of family room mostly adjacent to the kitchen. And an increasing number are putting together at its head for example a table of thrifting, a couple of chairs from a furniture warehouse and a carpenter made bench.

One can also furnish without chairs at all. These examples show that it is possible to furnish an eating area without purchase complete furnishings in a jiffy. The interior shown at the beginning of the case shows that it is possible to furnish an eating area without a single chair. The solution with four seater sofa on one side and long bench on the other, however, can create competition for space. For there is no doubt that one side of the table is more comfortable than the other.

It rarely massive oak table purchased in France and shipped home to this house in Oslo. The table represents the center of gravity in space, and form the basis for the location of the two tie rods from Catellani & Smith. Table robust character is underlined in the meeting with the light, modern chairs Catifa from Arper.

This dining room in a loft in Frogner supplied by daylight from large windows. The airy feel is enhanced by photo wallpaper on the back wall where a fully loaded bomber stands ready to takeoff. By painting simple wooden furniture in white, blue and green, have eating place a Scandinavian, happy charisma. The style is affordable, unpretentious and pleasant. The tabletop consists of old floorboards, while the chassis is crafted by the residents. Note how one rearmost seat is painted in two colors: white and green.

A balanced mix of old and new is a winning formula for many of us. In this family room at Huseby in Oslo represents an old peasant furniture and an antique teak cabinets the soulful ingredients in an otherwise modern and newly refurbished environment. Eating is directly connected kitchen peninsula. Note the use of parquet flooring in the splash zone over the kitchen counter, a grip that is both practical and original.

This dining room interior design combines romantic, industrial and continental items, which might citizen for an inclusive atmosphere around the table. The comfortable, continental sofa is from Slettvoll, nostalgic stick chairs from Fretex, while the enamelled steel lamps are from Palma.

The dining table is made ​​from recycled materials, and is a full blown use table. The advantage of the grooves and scratches that are a notch from or does not matter, drawback is that the tabletop is laborious to keep clean, even if one knows how to use the cloth properly. I hope this article about modern dining room interior design can help to inspiring others.

Interior Designs For Dining Room
Interior Designs For Dining Room

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