Modern Home Office Design Ideas

Modern times, Internet expansion and diversification of the labor market have brought with them from home and working fashion, with its advantages and disadvantages. And just to create a working environment that highlights strengths rather, a couple from Israel has redecorated house situated in a suburb so it takes a little of the allure of a real job. We see what came out of the home office design in the images below on site

Specifically, the two wanted to give the house a general issue to turn into a space propitious professional activities and the family in that and work, but also to spend time with the kids than to arrange a simple workspace in a room. Architectural firm that was hired to redesign the interior lines of the house chose an open plan ground floor, the living room and dining merge, in order to better supervise children in their home office design separated by glass walls and aluminum ( and opening picture).

The first thing that captures your attention when breaking into house design library is integrated in one of the walls of the living room, built on the same lines that characterize contemporary exterior and interior. In this scenario contemporary flooring comes to bring a touch of classical. Here and there, separating glass partitioned spaces open space, marking extra privacy.

The designers chose to open dining room with appropriate colors, while kitchen furniture have booked a darker so to define and shape them separate identity. But hanging over the dining room table some chandeliers with modern design, expanding the space for the kitchen toward living rooms.

Home office design, parents can have an overview of the entire area downstairs. Also starting from the work area and stairs to the floor where the bedrooms are, again a subtle shift from the desktop to the intimacy. Bathrooms are also exciting by mixing different building materials like wood and marble, a perfect chromatic harmony.

Home Office Design
Home Office Design

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