Modern Paint Ideas For Living Room

To keep pace with new trends in the modern paint ideas for living room, sometimes we all need a “refresh button”. And to help you “refresh” your ideas about interior design, we share with you this article, dedicated to the painting room, modern… dark. Yes, dark colors are very current and the palette of deep tones and unusual help us to transform the walls in the living room in real catchy. Do not rush to dismiss this idea before considering our selection of inspiring images.

If you are aware of the trends in modern paint ideas for living room, you definitely know that apart from the two stylish colors ( pink quartz and serenity ), dark colors, they also occupy the top places. And this is not surprising because this is a shade of blue, gray or black, modern, dark room creates a special paint and even harmonious atmosphere. In the photo above we present a good example of how the dark-blue beige duo brings an atmosphere at once elegant and soothing. Combine a two-tone paint like with furniture in neutral colors such as gray, beige or black.

Always current, the shades of gray on the walls of the contemporary home, combine perfectly with all other colors. We recommend you bet on a gray sofa (which is part of the current trends of modern furniture), a white coffee table and maybe a set of chairs and black chairs. This mixture of colors will make your really elegant lounge and there will bring a touch of glamor. Add some cushions in lilac and some houseplants as qu’accent catchy.

The gray and green tones match perfectly and that’s why we recommend you to choose exactly duo for paint ideas for living room. In the photo above we present you a nice idea of ​​modern living in graphite gray paint, which contrasts perfectly with the blue sofa teal and green chairs. The color of the ceiling matches the walls, making the room more spacious and deep. The green furniture is pleasant and soothing accent office.

Be creative and play with the cold and warm colors. You have the freedom to realize your ideas by choosing the colors you prefer. The navy, for example, is a universal choice, because this blue tone blends perfectly with any soft color. Whether white or pastel pink, such guarantees duo creating a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

The above example is helping those who are afraid of the dark colors. We say “who are afraid” because many people believe that the tones of black, gray and brown are not suitable as a mural. Quite the contrary the right choice of furniture and accessories completely changes the atmosphere and breaks the “strength” of the dark. As you see above, the dark gray paint is softened by means of green furniture and yellow and green houseplants. Carpet and light brown armchair makes the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Among the most interesting and modern dark tones, the royal blue that stands out the most. This nuance of noble and elegant blue turns into the contemporary living in really making the glamor. Bet on the wall paneling in royal blue paint ideas for living room and combine it with a sofa, a table of contemporary art and a wall shelf with the same shade of blue. Some cushions and a carpet in soft or neutral colors provide the necessary touch of contrast.

Paint Color Ideas For Living Room Walls
Paint Color Ideas For Living Room Walls

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