Modern Small Kitchen Colors Ideas

Having small spaces at home is a constant of our day-to-day; know what to do with them so that they are beautiful, functional and inviting is an art! But calm down, that does not consider a person with an artistic vein, we will help you at least when it comes to an opinion about the modern small kitchen colors!

For those who can not possibly always order takeout or for those who enjoy preparing meals back home, the kitchen is one of the social areas that is used in our daily lives. Most meal undergo there, either to be made, either to be heated, right? So it’s a division that needs to be comfortable in the user’s perspective, so that does not become a sacrifice to be inside her. However, often the kitchens we face are small and seem barely able to move between pans, dishes and utensils.

Since we can not increase the area of them, we can play with the optical illusion to make them look bigger and here you enter the colors we choose to use in our kitchen! Of course above all is the individual taste of each and, regardless of what each color conveys, we must choose the one you like best. Still, we gathered for you some tips and suggestions for remodeling your small kitchen colors has the influence of a new vision and refreshing ideas! If you were curious and want to know more about our team, stay with us and refresh your mind!

Unless the kitchen, despite its size, has a huge window that allows you a natural light bathing giant and almost permanent, black should not be your first choice for decoration. It’s because? Because it can end up steal a lot of space. Still, if it is the ideal small kitchen colors for you and do not want to renounce it, do not get discouraged! On the other hand: try to choose cabinets minimalist and simple lines, so there is not too many corners and shadows that will occupy your kitchen even more.

Black, such as white is not a color yes is the absence of all of them, has the great advantage of making very sober, elegant and formal setting. The major problem is that it is somewhat onerous to the extent that stain easily. Also, you can go losing color as use more area than another, so if your kitchen is a kitchen to be used intensively, may not be the best choice.

The first suggestion that you leave is to use white. This color, in addition to evidence the dirt and therefore help maintain cleaner space, allows this division has a simpler air, less yelling and you feel you have more desktop available for the preparation of meals or put away the utensils banking. If we can, let the tip to keep the same cabinets in low profile, ie no handles to make them even more camouflaged on the white walls.

The last thing you’ll realize when entering your kitchen doors and drawers are everywhere! It gives you a feeling of kitchen tidy, even though it may be a little chaotic. Besides all this, the white leaves the light to be reflected (in fact, white is not a color is not the coming together of all the colors of the color spectrum), lighting up even more space even if the natural light does not exist in abundance.

If you consider white or dull black, but want to take advantage of both colors in a discreet manner and with good taste, we suggest that the mix. Here, you can choose patterns with small details (eg thin stripes instead of large square) so they are not areas where the eye is caught. You can also leave the black for the furniture and use white for the bench the choice is yours!

Advice we give is to note the type of material they buy: as you said earlier, black can go fading over time with use and the type of cleaning products you use. How cheap can be expensive if a kitchen to last, look for inform and invest a little more at least in areas or in black so that your small kitchen colors keep longer beautiful looks.

Small Kitchen Color Ideas
Small Kitchen Color Ideas

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