Modern Sputnik Chandelier for Rustic Mountainside Home

Some redesigned mountainside home with a modern sputnik chandelier is the topic of the article you are just reading now. Studio 80 completed this residence. This rustic place offers you some inspirational facts that you may not find in any other houses. Several images representing the existence of the house will indulge your eyes for sure. Be ready to enjoy everything here.

The house’s facade is seen in the first picture. You can see that the residence applies rustic design and also luxury. You should notice the exterior design of the home. There are various rustic panels applied. You see that there are various roofs applied as parts of the exterior design here. Just move to the next picture now.

An elegant room applying cylindrical foyer is seen in the second picture. It is yes that the room is so rustic with wooden interior but you should see the elegance since it is featured with modernity. There is a modern sputnik chandelier under the appealing ceiling. See also mountainside home designs.

Well, the following is an image that is about another room. You see that it is some family room. There is some modern fireplace. With concrete panel and also rocky panel, you see that the area there looks just awesome. There is another sputnik chandelier here. An L-shaped sofa is available with creamy white color.

Next, move to the fourth picture. Here you see some hanging seat with black color. There are yellow pads as parts of the seat design. Nearby, there is a wooden table with some white furry rug available as well.

In the fifth picture you see the dining room of the house. Here you know that it is a classic dining room with various objects. There is some rustic cabinet available with nice design. There is some black table with modern chic chairs. See mountainside house designs which apply the modern sputnik chandelier as well later on.

Placed In Contemporary Rustic Residence Industrial Living Room
Placed In Contemporary Rustic Residence Industrial Living Room

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