Modern Style Pool And Patio Ideas

Modern city dwellers villa primarily associated with relaxation in the open air rather than in heavy physical labor. Therefore, arrangement of recreation areas is a top priority when establishing a country life. The pool and patio ideas, in this case the easiest and fastest way to organize a place for recreation.

Pool And Patio Ideas for Your Cozy Home

Tradition equip courtyard or patio, came to us from countries of the South, where a rest in the open air, you can almost year round. Therefore, the inhabitants of the middle band had to make some adjustments in the process of registration of this corner on the site. For example, the hot Italians organize a recreation area in the shade of trees, so you can always hide from the heat. And for the realities, the ideal place for a patio will be as open space.

It is equally important to protect the area as much as possible to rest from strong winds, so it is best to organize it in the lee of a country house. And the gaze of neighbors will not contribute to the full relaxation this point should also be considered.

Flooring for the open area can be made of concrete, paving bricks, tiles, paving or decking. In order not to disturb the integrity of the image of suburban area, choosing the material, you need to consider the visual image of the country house, the tracks (if any) and other structures. Preparing the ground under the flooring, it is desirable to make a small deviation to the opposite side of the building that rainwater does not penetrate the structure.

The level of privacy patio can be controlled in different ways. Of course, by definition, the recreation area should be under the open sky. Nevertheless, its main purpose to create favorable conditions for the inhabitants. Therefore, the boundaries of the patio can be designated not only visually, but also quite real. A great additional pool and patio ideas decor will be an artificial pond or rock garden. Alpine hill will also promote relaxation and waft pleasant thoughts.

Bright sofa on the forged legs, upholstered in fabric with water-repellent coating and a low table with the same subject a great solution for a small recreation area right in the suburban area. Fine gravel demarcate patio, spreading the necessary emphasis. Patio can become a logical continuation of an open veranda, and visual design techniques necessary to delineate the boundaries of the zoning, more clearly marking the transition from one area to another.

Pool Patio Furniture
Pool Patio Furniture

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