Office Decor – How to Make Your Own

Office decor can affect the image of a company. Remember that every time you enter an office building, you don’t just watch every single employee’s face you will also notice the table shape, the wall art. the logo of the office. Office decor is like a company clothes.

Office decor can effect people’s opinion on the company, employee’s work productivity and working mood. If are just a normal salary man, you may not have a the right to input on your office’s decor as a whole but at least you have the right to customize your personal cubicle.

Office Decor

Certain type of office have their own office decor type. Image of the office in this case is shown by the office overall state. For example, A pharmacy company usually have a modern style with green, blue and white as the colors.

Bank has a sleek and stiff design, a practical style with neutral or earthy colors. A design company usually use their own product to decorate their own office and thus a lot colorful.

Layout of your office decor design may effect your worker’s productivity. There are two type of layouts, the open office and the closed office. The open office does not have boundary with people working on their table next to each other,

There will be a lot of chatter and communication in this type of office. The closed office gave the worker a separate room to work, they have their own privacy.

Lighting is important part of your office decor design. Never neglect this aspect. Most of the office may have a decent light distribution or maybe they are bunker in disguise. Either way, you will need some sort of artificial light. Choose well, put these criteria in mind when choosing: the light do not reflect on PC screen, eye strain level and glare.

Office Decor (4)
Office Decor (4)

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