Orange Living Room Decorating Ideas

Orange living room decor was modern already in the 70s and is today experiencing a revival in the entrance area, in dining rooms and kitchens, but also in living rooms modern apartments. Orange is a moody color with which you do not need to be frugal. You can either set specific color accents or transform an entire device in a bright, friendly and Mediterranean touch.

Orange Living Room Color

Orange is the color of optimists, sofas bring in orange many positive associations with it, such as sunlight, sunflower or sun-ripened fruit. Therefore orange couches are very well suited for light rooms poorer. They conjure up any room a bright and friendly furnished living room. Orange is also intended to strengthen the immune system and have an activating effect on the human organism.

Sofas in orange belong to the upholstery, which you can treat yourself in the living room, because they symbolize luxury. In earlier times were yellows only the walks superiors reserved. Orange living room is a mixed color of red and yellow, hence color accents in yellow and red can be placed in a decorated in orange living room.

When choosing the sofas you can be calm and courageous opt for a bright hue. The sofa cushions should be a contrasting color to for example, in White, to create a harmonious picture. Who is more adventurous, choose blue as a complementary color of orange and thus provides an effective contrast.

Orange Living Room Chair
Orange Living Room Chair

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