Original Ideas For Open Kitchen Designs

An open kitchen designs provides an open and spacious feel in a house. Some people prefer to keep it separate and want a separate kitchen. An open kitchen is more of a family kitchen because here everything comes together. Not only the food and cooking is important in a kitchen. The life, the chat when you get home from school or work, working at the kitchen table, drinking tea or coffee, read a book etc.

The benefits of an open kitchen that social contact it is seen promoting, you get a broader sense, you can see from your kitchen to the living consult and vice versa. The disadvantages are that unpleasant odors can quickly get into the living room, more sound in the living room and it is important to set a good ventilation system.

As we said odor is a disadvantage of an open kitchen design. Therefore it is necessary that you have a good extraction in your kitchen and a powerful extractor. In this way the odors away quickly and not reach your living room. The arrangement of the kitchen is important with respect to the living room. Try the dishwasher, trash and litter boxes or boards to keep invisible to the living room.

You could put these functions for example in the back of your kitchen island. Use the front side, which is visible to the living room, and aesthetic silk for beautiful kitchen pots, decorations or other kitchen tools.

Regulating the heat in a kitchen is a challenge. Often in a kitchen is slightly warmer by the cooking and all the equipment but you do not heat it in your living room. Please note that when applying the thermostat, it is placed in the right place and not near any equipment because you will often have cold in the living room.

Would you like a country kitchen as a kitchen but your living room is furnished completely modern, this does not nice to each other. Pull the atmosphere through in your kitchen that you created in the living room. Easing your kitchen is very important. While cooking you want to see what you’re doing, but after cooking does the kitchen not completely illuminated. Bring Therefore spots with good work lighting (note, this is not necessarily a cheerless light) and spots a softer and warmer light color for the evening.

The best in an open kitchen designs as the ceiling extends into the living room. Work both ceilings same question and the same color. Try some interruptions, such as a beam or old piece of ceiling to eliminate so that it forms one space. Before you leave an open kitchen designs or construction it is wise to think about how your relationship with guests or family members is when you are cooking.

They are watching TV and you want to be able to watch it? They sit at the table and chat to you but do during cooking? These communications are important because this determines how you come to be furniture. Want to talk to guests or not? You want them to see what you are cooking or not?

Do you have a utility room, garage or a closet? Use this than makes up for any equipment that noise or unpleasant odors can leave. For example, consider your fridge, freezer or microwave. Place a small refrigerator in your kitchen and save the rest of your stock in the pantry.

Because your kitchen is now a part of your living room, it is important to keep everything clean. Choose durable materials that are easy to maintain and do not look dirty quickly. In addition, your crane is also an important item in an open kitchen designs. Choose an eye-catcher that is not too large. In addition, it is important that the crane is easy to clean and will not get dirty.

Open Living Room And Kitchen Designs
Open Living Room And Kitchen Designs

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