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This house complete with a contemporary modern landscape design. This is a double lot, which is great for the neighborhood. He had built a design house on the property, and the owners wanted an indoor-outdoor experience life only to integrate a modern landscape design with swimming pool in the aesthetics of the interior of your home. This was made possible by the design of the house itself. The living room can be completely open to the patio through a sliding glass door.

Modern Landscape Design Ideas

The pool that was built is really a lap pool that stretches nearly 65 feet long. Not only is this unique pool in size and design, but is also unique in the way it links at home. The courtyard literally connects the living room to the water’s edge. No confrontation, so you can literally walk across the yard into the water and begin your swim in the indoor heated pool lit.

Even for those who can not swim, the proximity of the water makes the room the whole courtyard pool is part of the exterior design. This is a common theme in the design of modern landscape design with pool. The courtyard is also notable in that it is built from stones that fit so well together in the joints that seem to disappear. Although the linear edges of the stones are slightly visible, the surface is a contiguous linear feel everything which supports both the linearity of the house as the longitudinal extent of the pool.

While the design is strictly linear yard to tie the house with the pool, the modern swimming pool is decorated with a drawing of tiles. Execution is a design pattern that uses staggered stone, brick or tile layouts to create a kind of board linear effect that captures the eye. We have created this pattern to complement the work of the outer brick wall of the house, therefore aesthetically fine details emerge from the pool to the house architecture.

At the opposite end of the pool, a fountain was built on the side of the perimeter wall of the house. The source is in fact square, reflecting the bricks in the wall. Unlike a typical source, the water here is spilled in a horizontal plane, which further reinforces the theme of the geometry of the ring and linear movement of the modern landscape design with pool. We decorate the front of the house with a garden consisting of small species of plants. We also built a gravel road that provides natural water drainage and preserves the root zone of the trees. Concrete pads cross the driveway to give homeowners a secure base of support when walking to and from their vehicles.

Modern Landscape Design Images
Modern Landscape Design Images

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