Original Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Probably the very first original minimalist kitchen was built in the cave where around a blazing hearth was nothing but scattered small boulders as the seat for the miners, deserved a hearty meal. With the development of human civilization overgrown still many useful household items (and still plenty of useless), and gradually, reaching the twentieth century and tired of consumerism, has invented a new style of home minimalism.

Original Minimalist Kitchen Design

Surprisingly, minimalism in interior design has become very popular. Straight, simple geometric shapes based on precise engineering calculations. The dominance of achromatic colors with expressive bright accents (in the form of a painting apron, dishes, mixed by up to a minimum of decorative elements) or the calm monochrome version.

A small number of constituent elements, a significant amount of free space, filled the room an atmosphere of elegance and modernity. Minimalist style is relevant for compact spaces, and for large areas.

Square meters of space and configuration determine how the arrangement of furniture. In a small original minimalist kitchen, one wall is filled with pieces of furniture, window remains free. If there is room in the form of a canister with a window, located at the end of the furniture is arranged along two walls, then “free” and the entrance area will be a central part of the minimalist kitchen.

Very popular in large areas are operating systems in an “island”. In the center of the room is column book-rests with integrated work surface stove and sink. Often desk drawers built a fairly large volume to store crockery, cutlery, built-in appliances, water is supplied. The island is also used to separate the zones.

Many interior designers have joined the minimalist trend followers, and as a result create interesting projects, aesthetically pleasing and functional. All interior elements are combined into a single unit under the formula “all part of the whole”, redundancy and repetition excluded.

Kitchen Set Minimalist
Kitchen Set Minimalist

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