Original Small House Interior Design

When we think of small house interior design we immediately think of disadvantages and how boring it is to have a home as less area than that we would have liked. However desengane up, the fact of living in a smaller space brings with it a number of advantages that we are keen to share with you. First what is important to make clear is that good taste in decoration has nothing to do with the area of our home.

The taste can be anywhere and is independent of the space we have. And actually the small house interior design ever have any doll house thing, which especially for the female side takes us to a universe of good memories and beautiful things. If you are not fully convinced and continues to believe that a big house is that is we present you six advantages that will make you change your mind. As so well known here in my site like to surprise you and this will be one of those items that comes to an end and think.

The first and most immediate advantage that arises in our minds when we think of living in a small house interior design, is related to the feeling of comfort and warmth that this allows us to have. Especially if you live alone, it’s nice to get home and feel that our space ends up being so welcoming and inviting. In order to illustrate this concept we chose this one T0 and tiny. Let us begin by unveiling the way it was organized space, but is also required some imagination!

Firstly there is a clear division exists between the space that is sleeping and the space to be. On a higher plane have a bed which basically is the fourth house whose great advantage is not stealing absolutely no room to lower area, the room is mainly to sleep, so need little more than a bed. As for space shared by kitchen and living room, found the provision is certainly very well done, as it allows us to have comfort and enjoy well-being of times.

The fact that we have less space also means that we need fewer things and therefore, willingly or not, just to live within a budget more limited. The watchword in these cases is the economy, saving money and space savings and for that there are solutions that we can use to our advantage. One of the things that inevitably takes up more space and we can not live without, of our clothes and even though we have very self control in the case of the female is often almost impossible!

We can not dispense any area of the room or the house we fix them together. In the example we give it, we present a closet very organized which turns out not so occupy as much space as ends or be an integral part thereof. A practical and easy solution which will let you free area.

No doubt the title we have chosen for this image is quite suggestive. We are not in any way want to imply that often make mistakes because it is a frequent reader of here, we doubt that happen often! But the truth is that the smaller the simplest and appropriate space should be decoration.

Particularly enjoyed this sample room / bed because it brings together the best of both worlds, comfort and storage space. In the background the decor here are the books and some elements found on the shelves next to the bed, because everything else turns out to be arranged inside the cabinets that serve as structure to the bed. Little space and practical people are the example of perfect match for this room.

Small Houses Interior Design
Small Houses Interior Design

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