Original Tips For Modern Home Interior Design

American Association of Builders of Housing has compiled a list of the main trends in modern home interior design that will manifest 2015. Using information gathered from the most famous and creative architects, contractors of construction, specialists in interior and exterior design awards association in an annual competition. Read on to learn about the trends in vogue now and you can breathe in arranging home.

Tips For Modern Home Interior Design

The first trend, according homyxl.com refers to kitchens and American experts say this year towards what they call “white on white kitchens” (opening picture), the kitchen with white furniture on white background. This trend, which is not new, targeting both traditional and modern homes that blend with white cabinetry counter of the same color and finish all white, of course. The only color that can break the big white floor.

The second trend that is manifested in modern home interior design refers to kitchens and targeting all the rooms. Dividing partitions to two centers of gravity: one dedicated to cooking and serving meals other. This second place can gain weight and form, for example, in cases where someone invited to the table.

We leave the kitchen and go to the bathroom. Here is the current “spa bathroom” which is also not new visual and consists in placing the bathtub in the middle of the room, away from the wall. Fourth, we have the combination of natural elements with contemporary materials, a mix that gives elegance to modern design. Such combinations can be in wood, steel and glass or classic fabrics and materials.

The rooms of island, relaxation, are also among the main trends in modern home interior design this year. Be it classical or soundproofed rooms with no windows, more people prefer looking for activities that would break the rhythm of daily life. Bars or even small rooms entirely dedicated to hosting a bar. It is now fashionable to fill, for example, space under the stairs, often ignored, with such a bar or location in some corners of the house where they would fit no other furniture.

More and more people are now looking at the tall houses with terraces. Thus conceived design allows owners to easily make the transition from indoor recreation space to the outside where they can admire the surroundings.

Among the main trends in modern home interior design that manifests this year and entries are still lower here with reference to entrance halls. Although in some cases opting for imposing entrance door, they immediately make shift room, in actual living space of the family.

Home Interior Modern Design
Home Interior Modern Design

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