Outdoor Furniture : Overview of Wicker and Teak Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be made of many different types of materials. It is important to choose which material that would best serve your needs and your lifestyle. I have heard it said that you shouldn’t confuse patio furniture with outdoor furniture. Why? It seems that most patio furniture does not do as well in the sun or the rain, as does outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture uses cast aluminum and all weather types of materials and fabrics that are specifically designed for outdoor weather and conditions.

Outdoor furniture can consist of chairs, dining sets, bistro table, teak chaise lounge, tables with an umbrella, and side tables. I am sure there are many others that I might have missed. The important thing here is that your options are wide open as to items, materials and styles that available.

Many companies have named collections of furniture items that are made to go together either as a set or as individual pieces. Wicker and teak are two kinds worth mentioning.

Overview of garden sets

These wicker sets may include such items as a dining table and 4 dining chairs. This can be a super buy if wicker fits into your pre-existing decor. These tables and chairs come with an aluminum frame, which is great to withstand bad weather conditions. Most wicker comes in white or coffee colors. It could be hand woven outdoor wicker, or made of an individual resin wicker material.

Some of the resins even include UV inhibitors to protect against harmful UV rays. Being out in the sun can take a toll on outdoor furniture, so this is a plus. Wicker usually never cracks or peels unless something is done to it to cause these problems. Wicker is relatively light weight and is cool to sit on.

Teak furniture is very durable and can withstand outdoor weather very well. It is a tropical wood that can turn a silver-gray color over time. It is usually more expensive than regular outdoor furniture, but a teak chaise lounge, for instance, is very beautiful and worth the expense.

Teak Furniture Outlet
Teak Furniture Outlet

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