Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Especially in the summer, we often use our garden and terrace. Lovely evenings sitting outside until late into the night. The garden and especially the terrace becomes an extension of your living room and kitchen. Provided it is naturally well lit. On a dark terrace we are not happy and too brightly lit terrace either. The outdoor patio lighting must be correct attractive but also functional.

Examples Of Outdoor Patio Lighting

Terraces can illuminate in different ways, for example, directly or indirectly. From above or from below? There are many options and often it also depends on what kind of furniture you have on the terrace. Is this low furniture or just high as a table and chairs or a bar table?

This covered terrace is illuminated in an indirect way because there are positioned spots in the floor shine upwards along the wall. In this way, the beautiful stone wall stresses and is indirect light at the place where you can enjoy the terrace.

Spots can also be used at about 20 cm from the ground. Allows you lit terrace but apparently not in your eyes. Do you really want a lot of light for example if you sit at the table, then this works less well.

Spots can also be incorporated into the green. The path is illuminated onto the terrace spots in the hedges. In addition, the trees are lit but the terrace itself is not. This is also a way of indirectly illuminate but will yield much less light on the terrace itself.

This garden is illuminated in different ways. Thus we see spots along the path illuminated flower pots and spotlights shining down onto the rear terrace by the garden. Here is a lounge sofa illuminated by spotlights.

An innovative and unique way of alleviating these detached spots which you can place anywhere. Want to read a book? Then you point the spotlight. Want to relax in the evening hours? Then you let the spotlights garden and space to ease over the terrace. Allows you will reach alleviate both ways.

Outdoor String Patio Lights
Outdoor String Patio Lights

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