Perfect Ideas Bedroom Decorations

You closer to the heart of luxury and vivid image of Barbie dolls? Then the dolls house-style interior is perfect for your bedroom decorations. The best solution will color the bright colors: pink, blue, yellow, salad, lilac and white. You can insert a little darker, richer colors decorative items.

If your character combative, got used everywhere rely only on themselves and do not like anyone to obey, your bedroom can recall a robber’s house. Choose shades from beige to brown, as well as terracotta and coral shades. Fabrics should be soft, pleasant to the touch. It looks great in blankets and drapes with pictures reminding animal furs.

On the floor you can lay artificial fur carpet. Light the torch will function perfectly shaped bra. Arrange the room wooden African statues of gods, strange shapes of vases on the walls hang small masks, you can even use artificial feathers.

By nature you are a leader and organizer, easy climb, you know exactly your target and achieve, appreciate comfort and good high-priced items? Then you will fit in the bedroom decorations, similar to the royal boudoir. Choose luxury intense colors emerald, red, dark blue. Decorative items look great with gold trim. Such bedroom should prevail velvet, silk and other luxury fabrics. Above the massive wide beds hang tulle canopy.

Curtains better to choose a heavy, beautifully hangings. Room illumination fit a huge crystal chandelier, you can also use candles shaped bra. Decorate bower help paintings in massive frames, original statues, beautifully bound books, flowers. Royal bedroom reigns garden floral scent for vanilla, eastern scents.

You are calm and harmonious, reflected on all decisions and actions, is not acceptable to you in a hurry and chaos? Surround yourself with light, space and bedroom decorations selected very bright white or pastel tones. Like the previous version, you can trim elements complement a golden color. Antique goddess bedroom suit light and thin fabrics.

You can also use the coat, but it has to be white and not to fall in the overall color gamut. Greek amphorae the perfect decorative addition divine in the bedroom, as the original vases and delicate white flowers. Lighting fit flower-shaped bra. Better Rintis fresh flavors: citrus, sea and flowers.

You are young, curious, love to travel and want to impressions than comfort? Try the rustic style of your bedroom decorations. Choose natural colors. Dark or very bright for such a bedroom will not, they can be used only for individual elements.

Try beige, cream, blue, milky white, green. Try to be natural fabrics. Hand-embroidered linen or cotton look great in such an interior, and on the floor you can lay a straw mats. The room will fit the outdoor floral bouquets, baskets of fruit. Wicker chandeliers, lace caps complement the interior and the forest, dried flowers and honey aromas closer to nature.

Bedroom Decor
Bedroom Decor

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