Sage Green Color Suggestion

Have trouble on combining sage green  color? Welcome to the sage green color suggestion. Sage is can be either darker shade of gray and green or lighter shade of gray and green. Either color is good color for wall, furniture and accessories. You can use them as the room’s main theme or accent color, either way it will look great.

Sage green is calming and relaxing color, but they can be domineering. The trick is to now what kind of color goes well with sage green to tone it further. May this article help you on your room make over.

Sage Green Color

My first sage green color suggestion is to combine them with other neutral colors. Sage green isn’t exactly neutral color either but it does look great combined with natural wooden color or white. Combining with white especially will make your room feels lighter and brighter. Large stuff like carpet, floor rug, blanket or bed frame can be used to accentuate the colors. Try it.

Earthy tone goes well in my idea for sage green color suggestion. These colors are warm and pleasing to the eyes. You can use the color with sage green to create a natural theme on the room. The colors also represent your connection to the nature. Earthy colors include a variety of green and brown colors. For an easy nature themed room, use a hardwood floor and combine them with sage colored walls.

For my last idea, pick a color chart and see what kind of color on the opposite side of green. It should be red. The red colors compliment red, so you can use them as a secondary colors. Use the complimentary colors on small things like pillow case, mirror frame, small vase and head lamp colors. Don’t’ add to much or you will end up looking at a Christmas decoration. That is all from me for sage green color suggestion.

Sage Green Color (7)
Sage Green Color (7)

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