Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

Small apartment decorating ideas – When referring to architecture and decoration, size is not always at odds with functionality. You can see for yourself glancing at the apartment of 45 square meters. As you can see, it is a crowded floor solutions related to the use of space and distribution, you can take note if you are not forced to live in a house a few square meters left. Do we know you accompany this apartment of 45 square meters?

Among the various storage solutions, we found a wardrobe placed in a setback wall and two large drawers located in the stage where the bed. As you can see from the pictures that we offer in the gallery, there is an open space shared by the living room. The kitchen and the bedroom, which is closed to prying eyes by a large curtains that go from floor to ceiling. In addition, the kitchen is separated from the living room through a wall unit as a breakfast bar open.

Furniture placed into apartments has been considered important thing first such as stoves, refrigerators, bed, sofa, table, and a shoe rack so effective livable apartment to live everyday. If all the furniture/furnishings are common and mandatory has been placed into the appropriate place, then we apply the apartment interior design into the apartment we will do.

Although the apartment space is very limited and tend to be small, but the apartment was decorated and designed. So that gives beauty to the owner of the apartment so that the owner comfortable to inhabit the apartment. The interior design of the apartments are effective and conducive. We have applied to the design minimalist space where space is designed with a simple shape and style without forgetting the artistic and futuristic

As for distribution, striking the perfect distribution of the kitchen, where white furniture combined with wood. It is important to maximize the space of those who have. Especially if the dimensions of flat or apartment is not very big, but we are not going to fail to take all necessary stays in a house decorated in great details. If you are interested in this type of housing you can see in this another link small apartment decorating ideas.

Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments
Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

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