Small Modern House Designs

A neat and beautiful, worthy of a perfectionist, aesthetic small modern house designs in style and shows us the great possibilities of this style. Gorgeous panoramic windows on both levels, as well as spacious rooms, large balconies and interior design in white tone what do you need for happiness in the suburbs?

Ideas for Small Modern House Designs

At the heart of this project lay a commitment to excellence architects and designers wanted to create a light house, which would be nice to be perceived and promoted primarily relaxation. The absence of bright parts makes it possible to choose a family mood and lifestyle, change it at any time and do not adjust the purchase under the interior.

Inside the house looks more white perfect interior, which is decorated professionally every seam and butt look very modern. Zone of the living room and dining room are shared design fireplace with glass screens very effective complement the stylish interior. From this perspective it is clear that due to the open layout of the first floor there is a single entity a great place to live and raise children.

A white kitchen in a modern style two modules (one along the wall, the other a kitchen island) excellent playing together for the benefit of a functional interior. Finishing the floor are the same as in the living room ceramic tiles with a soft relief and the effect of the smooth surface of the sea pebbles.

The bathroom is waiting for us a wonderful dressing table with lots of drawers, replacing all the furniture in the bathroom and create a very beautiful area. There is a wide sink and a panoramic mirror curves on the sides for a larger viewing angle. The shower area is elegantly placed in a niche and not visible from the entrance area, and bathroom bowl is the window to the possibility of admiring the scenery during relaxation.

Interesting is the lighting in the interior if they floodlights illuminate the room light, but bright light in addition to natural light. Finishing the floor the same ceramic tile, as in other areas, plus the system “warm floor”.

Minimalism in design of the front facade and landscape design looks very nice on the street in the suburbs. The absence of a fence does not interfere with the privacy of the correct positioning of windows, and a single large window has a matte screen.

Driveway and parking space decorated with spectacular design in gray. The peculiar canopy that if originates in the house, moving above the entrance to the right, very nicely integrates the whole complex together.

Near the house are planted two trees, both of them in the near future will grow and enrich the look of the small modern house designs with luxurious canopy. In addition, the area under mulch them with small stones, so they will never suffer from moisture. Four cut under bushes around the main tree reminiscent of the principle of the French geometric garden, but the whole project can be traced clear desire for minimalism.

Modern House Design
Modern House Design

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