Small Vintage Furniture Ideas

It carries vintage more than ever, a reassessment aesthetics of ancient times, the taste seemed better articulated than at present. From clothes to vintage furniture, vintage shapes and colors bring more sobriety and solemnity welcome, which seems to inject more balance and elegance in everyday life. We are going to look to as few images showing small vintage furniture, full of energy despite age.

Choosing Small Vintage Furniture

A wooden Fiset used once appointed acts for good now comes to sit in the living room decor. It reminds us of the old Town Library shelves where assiduously ransacked in search of a book. What could be more attractive and addictive than an old radio with built-in phono and that can be used as serving coffee table? A song from the old times naduf us spiritually clean contemporary living.

Because I spoke recently of old suitcases from parents and grandparents homes that can be revived in various forms, is an idea that brings a touch of originality to your home decor. A wardrobe of old suitcases stacked gate tepid in its shelves of old memories. Appetite for taking a seat in a chair in leather and rosewood, produced somewhere in the 50s of last century. Goes great with pick-up device earlier in a vintage corner in which to take refuge in my spare time.

A chair and a bedside wood with wrought iron bed a trio full of personality that becomes the center of gravity in a bedroom whitewashed with a wooden floor wearing her footsteps and time. And if you want to go vintage furniture air in other rooms besides the living room and bedroom, then a wooden cupboard in the bathroom, the sink and the installation mask the underside is a wise option.

The old piece of vintage furniture already traces the outline of the decoration of the room. You’ve seen them all in his grandparents’ house, those chests of drawers, large or small, or beaten in tin trunks. Brought in today’s times, they can serve as coffee tables or simple decorative objects full of tenderness.

Vintage Furniture Los Angeles
Vintage Furniture Los Angeles

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