Snowman Decoration Ideas for Unforgettable Christmas Time

Today, we will take you to see some snowman decoration ideas. As we all know, snowman is one of the iconic Christmas characters, besides the Santa Claus itself. Even though this lovely creature is usually made from snow well, it is obvious from its name it does not mean that those who celebrate Christmas with no snow cannot enjoy the presence of this cute snowman.

If you do not have snow necessary for your own snowman, you can use other materials without losing the cuteness and charm. Look at one of the snowman decoration ideas here that is made from straw and cloth carefully shaped in rounds. Perfect as Christmas decoration for your fireplace mantel, you can add small details such as tall hat and beautiful scarves to keep them warm. Add plenty of cotton balls for dramatic snowy effect!

Greet your lovely family and guests during Christmas dinner time using this beautiful wall decor. Using the grapevine wreathes, you can thus shape them easily to mimic snowman’s figure easily. Do not forget about the lovely scarf and hat too.

Perfect for you who own a bar, this unique snowman made from wine corks surely will be a great inspiration for you. We really love how this unique creature is designed with cool moustache and lovely red ribbon for friendlier look, making this cool for kids as well. Other way, you can repaint your old terra cotta pots in colorful splash and draw a heartwarming faces on them. The results can be seen here, as the lovely faces of snowman can make your Christmas simply more vivacious.

This is another easy, cheap, and unique idea for your DIY snowman. Use the old metal springs for your lovely tiny snowman! You can finish it simply by adding a head with carrot-like nose and smiling face. Yet, what we love the most about one of the snowman decoration ideas here is the colorful buttons.

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