Striped Blue Rug in Appealing Small Studio Interior Decorations

Home lovers, here we come with the new application of small studio interior that is designed with colorful interior decoration such as the striped blue rug. The studio design that w will review is the contemporary studio located in Alamo Square, San Francisco. This studio is a kind of small building design that just covers 450 square feet. We will find out some ideas of the studios appearance right here.

There are several pictures of the studios that will help you to find the inspirations. At first, we will get the small studio interior design in the cozy family room nuance. Actually this studio is designed in white room background. In family room, they add some colorful decorating ideas. They are such as the striped blue rug to be base of the transparent acrylic table.

They also add white sofa with colorful patterned cushions. There is also a vintage blue cabinet that becomes the place of the TV set. Then, on the table and in the room, we will find many beautiful colorful flowers that are applied to decorate the room. It looks wonderful.

Then, we will get the inspiration form this studio taken form the room accessories designs. Under the table, the place is also utilized to apply the books. They are designed in neat style. They also add some ornaments on the books to make the room attractive. The next fixture comes with the table ornament on the room.

There are some chic candles that are applied on unique candle stands and also beautiful flowers. They are all applied on the red box in short style. The application f those colorful decorations and accessories are really amazing.

Based on the pictures, what do you think of them? Here, the application will be encouraged in some other pictures. They are all in creative ways, by appealing the ornaments, the room looks so appealing. Get the small studio interior design ideas which apply the striped blue rug right here.

Colorful Pillows On Sofa Added With Wide Screen TV On Blue Dressr On Floor
Colorful Pillows On Sofa Added With Wide Screen TV On Blue Dressr On Floor

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