The Best 10 Outdoor Carpet Ideas

There are many ways to enhance the design of the garden or terrace. Among the tips decor most original and creative, it is laying a outdoor carpet. We are pleased to present a selection of 10 colorful and fascinating ideas of outdoor carpet, the original patterns and whose pleasant colors make the most welcoming and catchy outer atmosphere.

To give life to the terrace and enjoy its beauty during the spring, summer and warm autumn, we recommend you to decorate an outdoor carpet sisal like this. Combined with some solid wood stools, wooden coffee table and distressed sun and mirror in a wooden frame, this rug will bring nature to your terrace. The sofa gray and add concrete paving large format modern touches and opulent greenery makes the lounge area more welcoming and refreshed.

An excellent example of successful exterior design is the one that we present above. This spectacular terrace exudes natural charm and play with comfort and functionality. The carpet outside in warm colors cold breeze grayish appearance of wood. The two bay windows let free to enter the green surrounding the entire terrace. An outdoor café area where peace reigns!

Modern terrace overlooks a lake and a forest two elements incorporated into its decor. The tapestry rattan sofa is light green in harmony with the green, and the outdoor carpet is decorated with motifs that look like waves. A corner coffee and harmonious modern where you can spend long hours reading and relaxing.

The outdoor rug that we present the picture above embodies the beauty of nature in autumn. Orange is among the colors we associate with fall color which makes this the ideal choice for our outdoor carpet. In harmony with the autumn leaves, orange contrasts with outdoor furniture in black and white.

If you want to give a romantic and welcoming appearance to your patio, we recommend that you ask are an outdoor carpet. As shown in the photo above, the patterns on the carpet and on these cushions are very similar and give the decor a harmonious setting. Transparent light curtains transforming this terrace into a true idyllic corner.

You find the cobblestones in the original but already boring garden? So why not try to decorate the outdoor space of a carpet? Such outdoor rug is a real breath of fresh air which it owes to its fresh colors. It will focus on the terrace or in the garden where it will bring a fresh and original contrast.

If you are among the lucky owners of a beautiful garden that looks like a green oasis, perhaps you want to add an eye-catching accent. We offer an idea with which your outdoor space will become even more welcoming and catchy. Try an outdoor colorful carpet. The bright blue contrasts perfectly with the green and white or black garden furniture.

To overcome the lack of harmony on the terrace, we strongly recommend you to ask them an outdoor carpet. Bet on the warm colors such as soft orange or yellow, which harmonize perfectly with the countryside. Scatter cushions outside in colorful patterns to ensure maximum comfort and enhance the design of your patio.

If your patio serves as a summer kitchen in the spring and summer, perhaps it requires a special and eye-catching décor. Modern outdoor carpet is among the decorative accessories which we can not deny that special corner. Choose a model that suits the sofa and cushions. In this case, the black modern carpet in white diamonds is in full harmony with the charcoal gray sofa cushions and gray, black and white.

It’s the little details that make the big difference! Do not underestimate the small balcony in the spring and summer, this is where we spend a lot of time and therefore, it should be comfortably fitted. Modern carpet, a small sofa and a parasol form both the decor and furniture on the small balcony.

Outdoor Carpet Roll
Outdoor Carpet Roll

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