The Best L Shaped Kitchen Layout

At we not only love inspiring interiors but also good tips for the interior. It is not for everyone as easily or naturally to create a fantastic interior. Today we show you how to choose the l shaped kitchen layout. It is an l shaped kitchen layout? Fine cuisine? A kitchen island or perhaps a U-shape? How do you choose this now and where you should all keep in mind?

How big is the space where the kitchen should be placed? If this is on the small side, we can actually soon say you can take the best straight kitchen or possibly an L-shaped kitchen. This way you keep clear as possible in space to run and run. Is the space a little bigger, or is it a kitchen? Then you can choose for instance from a kitchen island, a U-shaped kitchen, two parallel kitchens opposite each other or perhaps a l shaped kitchen layout.

The layout is also important, it also determines the shape of the kitchen you choose. Ergonomic measures such as a height of around 90 cm space between kitchen island and kitchen must be at least 80 cm. But also the distance between certain equipment and, for example, between the furnace and the sink. These distances should not be too long.

We even recommend you to places far from the sink to the stove. The refrigerator, stove and sink are the three most common things in the kitchen. Make sure you have this in a triangle lie to each other.

It is an open kitchen which is connected to the rest of the house? Or a separate room? An open / living kitchen is often used a kitchen island or bar where you can sit on. This reinforces namely the effect of cozy dinner and cooking. You can spend much more time together because you combine both functions together. In a separate kitchen, this is slightly less, unless you place here for a nice dining room table.

A kitchen has five different zones, namely the storage area, stock, prepare, cook and bake and finally rinse and waste zone. These five areas make it easy to optimize the kitchen in such a way that everything in the right place. The shape of the kitchen is therefore dependent on four different factors. Think twice before you buy a new kitchen!

Small L Shaped Kitchen
Small L Shaped Kitchen

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