Undermount Kitchen Sink Trends in 2016

Undermount kitchen sink trends in 2016 – When choosing a new countertop for a kitchen there are also options for the new sink as well. The types of sinks for the kitchen are undermount or drop in sink.

Undermount sinks for the kitchen come in many different materials these days. Stainless steel is the most commonly known choice. The sinks are also available in solid surface material such as acrylic, composite stone and copper. The sinks are mounted under the countertop and held in place by a very strong epoxy and silicone caulk that is waterproof and leak proof. Metal anchors also hold them secure.

Many people can upgrade their existing sink and change it to an undermount sink as long as they have an existing solid countertop made of natural stone, acrylic polymer or some other type of solid surface. Laminate countertops are not a candidate for this type of sink because of the construction of the countertop. Most kitchen sinks come with clear and simple installation instructions.

The attractive sinks come in single bowl, double bowl and triple bowl configurations in many different shapes and sizes. When changing an existing sink from a single bowl to a double bowl, or from a double bowl to a triple bowl, ensure that the cabinet space below it wide enough to house the new sink.

The appeal in these kinds of sinks is the seamless look where the countertop meets the sink. Many homeowners that are looking for a sleek contemporary look choose an undermount kitchen sink. The sink also is chosen because of the fact that it is cleaner look without any flanges sitting on the countertop to trap debris. The clean sweep motion of cleaning the countertop of any crumbs right into the sink without any obstructions is a very appealing aspect of the undermount sink as well.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Undermount With Double Bowl
Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Undermount With Double Bowl

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