The Variety of Different Candle Holders

Candle holders in all shapes and sizes are both beautiful and functional. No matter how lovely candles look, they are shown to their best advantage when used in candle holder to show off the subtle glow of the candles.

There are many and varied types of candle holders and one of the more famous ones is the Jewish Menorah silver candleholder that is used for special occasions. This silver candleholder has a special religious meaning in the Jewish faith and is used on Friday nights and holy days.

Marble and glass candleholders are very special and a candle glows especially bright in a translucent colored glass candle holder. There are really some beautiful designs to choose from.

Wood and silver are popular choices in candleholders. The silver candle holder on a dinner table setting really make it look romantic and classy. For every style of decor there is a candle holder to match the decor. I especially love the carvings on candle holders as they are intricate and works of art.  There are some beautiful wooden carved candleholders as well. Decoupage wooden candleholders are also lovely. The patience and dedication of the artists who carve and decorate the candle holder is truly amazing.

Candle holder come in single candle holders or multi candle holders. The Jewish Menorah has nine candles. You can get different combinations of three, five, or even 12 set candle holders.

There are metal and pewter, cast iron and bronze, steel and copper candle holder, which can go from being very plain and functional to intricately carved with wonderful flowers, and other patterns engraved on the metals.

Most home today have either one or a few candleholders. In Italy, in the trattoria cafes, empty glass wine bottles were used as candle holder. The wax  from the candles would melt over the bottle candle holders, forming different patterns with each new candle used.

Candle Holders Crossword
Candle Holders Crossword

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