Vintage Kitchen Decor Ideas

Kitchens that take us with nostalgia for better times. It is very modern touch to this vintage kitchen decor with steel and handcrafted pieces in combination with a highly functional ergonomics. Such style allows the use of very bright colors, even in photographs was chosen pastels and green jade, which strikes a perfect balance with wood and metal rather.

To counter, steel meanwhile brings modernity and facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Accessories and retro details that give us simplicity at the same warmth, become such a vital space in a magical place that takes us back in time and makes us fantasize tranquility of the past. These supplements can bring a touch of personal creativity, as it is easy to find by home accessories that can be rejuvenated old easily, simply with paint and varnish suitable.

However, this retro style reminds us at all times the importance of functionality and perpetual motion, so constantly adds very practical details, such as kitchen islands or fitted with wheels, vintage kitchen decor for small space. Are fun the old logos of the brands of food products, both used in vintage kitchen decor as for practical use of them. We can easily find in the market boxes and cans with old logos used to store the products or just decorate.

We can also include a set of vintage crockery or tea to complete this atmosphere so sought after. Generally the retro kitchens match current in their search for a cozy minimalism, mixed feelings of warmth along with comfort, the best for one of the most livable and dynamic spaces of our home.

Nothing says vintage like a brick chimney behind the stove, or to put it more appropriately, a brick fireplace strongly evokes the colonial era. You can use that brick fireplace as a fundamental part of the decoration of a vintage fashion continues. For example, copper pots hung on or around the brick fireplace complete the colonial feel.

Consider installing a sink cottage style; the massive depth of the pool and pure functionality will point to the colonial era, promoting the theme of the harvest. Brass lamps that are a bit weathered and soapstone counters help you complete a historical look.

Vintage Kitchen Decor Ideas
Vintage Kitchen Decor Ideas

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