White Bedroom Decor: to be or not to be?

Hello to all readers of our blog! I have repeatedly encountered the negative attitude to the white bedroom decor. And in addition to the charges for hospital and Sterility I often come across the opinion that white interiors “depressed.” For me, a fan of white in design and architecture, it sounds amazing, and even a little sad. After all, what can be more positive and cheerful white?

Unfortunately, I could not find the names of specific psychologists and their work on the oppressive white interiors, so today I will try to break this stereotype and share with you the wonderful white photographs of bedrooms in a variety of styles: classical, Art Deco, Loft, Provence, Scandinavian. And hardly anyone will be able to call them depressed.

If you are just like me, dreaming of snow white bedroom decor, pay attention to the following effective techniques used at work on white interiors. If pure white space evoke associations with the hospital you, feel free to use the color spots. With white everything perfectly combined colors and their shades.

Be careful with the black

Black and white bedroom decor it’s a classic, but the abundance of the black interior of a bedroom may look rough too graphically. If you do not want this effect, use black gently: print on linen, black photo frames, discreet pattern on the wallpaper and curtains. The white bedroom decor of a huge number of shades: milk, ivory, pearl, cream, ivory, vanilla, the color of snow or warm milk combine various shades of white, and the reward you will be lively and comfortable interior.

In circumstances where the interior does not mean the color diversity, boldly combines white bedroom decor different textures: glass wool, metal and fur, wood, mirrors, silver and porcelain. It will enliven the room, make it interesting and dynamic.

Textile design in white bedroom decor

Textiles an important detail in the interior of the white bedroom decor has a special role. Textiles soften white interiors will make it comfortable for sleeping and relaxing. Bedroom white perfectly complement the natural materials and eco-friendly decor. Wood, stone, fur shading whiteness relieve the room of the effect of sterility. Very good looks untreated wood or hide on the floor in the Scandinavian interiors.

Distressed White Bedroom Furniture
Distressed White Bedroom Furniture

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