White Home Office

A white home office is a good theme to explore. White is a blank canvas, a zero state, a clean slate. The white paint is the colors of beginning. But if stand still at the beginning forever nothing will be finished. As such, you need to mix a few more colors to your white home office.

White Home Office Ideas

As the main theme is white this time, let us explore what kind of colors can be used as a complementary. Remember that colors may effect your mind, mood and feeling. Using the right color can increase your work productivity.

An exciting white home office can be created using the color of red and orange. Red are known to increase heart rate and passion while orange invoke the playful feeling inside your mind. If your work need the help of your creative and mind, this type of white home office configuration is perfect for you. You can add the red on small trinket like a glass of vase, flowers or head lamp cover. the same as the orange.

calm white home office is the perfect choice of theme if your work demand you to use a lot of concentration and stressful. To make this kind of white home office, combine the white and use light color like blue, sage and lavender to invoke a relaxing aura. You may want to an accent wall where you can stare at the wall to reduce your eye strain.

Neutral white home office feature a combination of white and neutral colors. This kind of colors make your feeling more closer to the nature. This kind of colors consist of earthy tone like cream, khaki, grey and brown. You can put several layers of this kind of colors using geometric wall art or floor rag.

White Home Office Desk
White Home Office Desk

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