Wide Planks Flooring Design for Your Home

If you are having a new home built, or doing some remodeling on your existing home, you might consider using some wide planks flooring. This particular type of flooring is created from hardwood and comes in planks which are wider than most traditional styles of hardwood floor planks. This was a popular style for many homes in years past and the supply of available wood in the wider style planks is not as readily available as it once was. You might hear this flooring referred to as rare, because it is harder to find.

The width of a plank designed in this manner can be from 3 inches to as wide as 10 inches. They are generally found in wood types such as chestnut, elm, hickory and maple. The availability of a particular species depends on how much that particular wood has been depleted in a given region.

The wider floor pieces were often used in old style homes and those constructed to be log cabin designs. These planks are generally taken directly from fresh timber pieces so they are not cut into smaller sizes by the company harvesting the wood.

This type of floor works well in a kitchen area designed to have a country look to it. It also fits in with a casual setting such as a family room. The natural look to the wood creates a beauty and warmth which adds to the inviting feel of a room used often by family members.

You may also see this particular style used in resorts and lodge buildings designed for a rustic vacation purpose. These planks generally come as stained and finished pieces so the color will not fade as time goes by. The large wood plank flooring will definitely become an eye catching item when placed in your home. I hope you enjoy reading this article about wide planks flooring design, see you in the next inspiring article.

Distressed Wood Flooring
Distressed Wood Flooring

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